Shelter for Pregnant Women Considering Adoption

Pregnant, homeless, need shelter?
A Birthmother’s Choice can help!

We provide free housing to pregnant women who plan to do an adoption. A Birthmother’s Choice we can provide shelter to homeless women and pregnant women, if they do an adoption with us. If you need an emergency shelter, we can help you get off the streets. We can give you safe, secure and comfortable housing during your pregnancy.

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Our free housing options include:

  • Comfortable housing for you and your family.
  • Clean and safe living.
  • All utilities paid.
  • Fully furnished with linens, kitchen items, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items.
  • Easy access to transportation, to shopping centers and medical facilities.
sample adoption housing

sample adoption housing*

Other benefits of an adoption:

  • Money for living expenses.
  • No fees charged to you.
  • Choose the adoptive parents.
  • Open or closed adoptions.
  • Emotional and financial support after the adoption.

* The amenities of our housing differs from location to location. However, no matter what, we always provide a safe, clean and comfortable home for you during your pregnancy and the adoption process.